Mandalas Art. Yulia Drozdova
offers handmade, one of a kind Mandalas on ceramic to give folks more choices to enlighten their homes and office design and color up their lives.
Some people write books or poems to express themselves. I create Mandalas. These plates are my very own symbolic stories told through an intricate form of coding. My code is comprised of lines, shapes and colors.

During ancient times, people used ornaments as a form of cipher (a disguised way of writing). The embroideries and paintings of all our ancestors use various ornaments, numbers, and colors that can be deciphered to reveal more than meets the eye. These work together to tell the stories of our ancestors' struggles and successes. Every person capable of thinking can find his or her history within Mandalas because experience is a universal concept. We are all citizens of our world and connected in one way or another. Mandalas give people the opportunity to gaze upon a reflection of the world's many cultures, religions, and philosophies.

You may be asking, "What is mandala?" Mandala is a Sanskrit term used to describe a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos. According to Jungian psychology, the mandala is a symbol of self-reunification. Using my artistic ability, I design these geometric patterns on various plates. The patterns I use on my plates are meant to be a playful performance with elaborate motions, exhilarating action, and radiant fun! These three aspects come together to create my beloved Mandalas. Rather than, simply, using this exact style of ornamentation and copy past artists, I develop unique patterns; mixing them with other techniques, while also adding in my own thoughts and feelings. The figures I create are all derived from archetypal ornaments.
I paint in point–to-point technique. This style of ornamentation was widely known in Indonesia, Persia and India hundreds of years ago. These days the point-to-point technique is being reborn. It calls for a great deal of patience and imagination.
As my medium I use acrylic paints and enamels. At start an idea comes Tony mind, but I never know what kind of Mandala will materialize. The pattern and choice of colors depend on my mood and emotions, weather and events of my life. I simply listen to my self and trusts my left hand.
The first question I am asked – "How much time does it take?"
It is hard to say – I take breaks to let one layer or row dry before I work on another one. Roughly speaking from 1 to 150 hours. But those are happy hours of my life. I 'live through" each of my works. Sometimes I get so much involved in the process that it is hard to stop. I create Mandalas in any mood and any time of day and night. It is similar to a birth of a child – it is being born and cannot be stopped. Crating Mandalas demands concentration and relaxation at the same time – this is a sort of meditation.
Another popular question is "Where do I get ideas?"
From life, from all that surrounds me – architecture, plants, events, museums, books, travels, people. This is why I do not make copies of my works. My design is a representation of a moment in life.

Over 8 years of at Mandalas I have created about 150 items. Some were sold on-line and at art exhibits.

Not only I create Mandalas but I also share my experience and skills at master classes. With my pedagogical and psychological education my workshops are not just about how to draw. They are about how to provide support in life, they are about experience of success that can become useful in other aspects of life, they are about thoughtful and caring attitude toward yourself. I offer on-line classes as well.
August-December 2017 – Personal Exhibition "Fantasies in Blue", Russian Cultural Center", Houston, TX
November 2017 - RAW Artist Show, Houston, TX
January-March – Personal Exhibition "Unique Ceramic Mandalas", Degallery, State Colledge, TX
March 2017 – now – workshops for kids and adults "Create your own unique Mandala" – painting on ceramic in point-to-point technique.